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Intellectual Property Law Areas:


A patent is an exclusive right to make, sell, and import an invention issued by the U.S. Patent Office. All patents expire after a specified period of time. The basis for a patent is that the invention is novel (not previously known or described in a publication), “non-obvious” (more than a predictable improvement or combination of existing features), and useful.


A trademark is a unique or distinctive picture, design, logo, emblem, or wording attached to material for sale which is used to identify company, individual, or manufacturer as the source of the product. Trademarks can be registered with Secretary of State and/or with the U.S. Trademark Office. This proves ownership, and may be used as evidence should a party misuse another’s trademark. It is important to note that trademark infringement does not occur solely when someone copies another’s trademark. Infringement may also occur when a similar design, picture, logo, emblem, or wording is used in a manner which may confuse or misguide a consumer.


An author’s copyright is automatically protected under federal law, but registration of a copyright with the U.S. Copyright office grants authors important rights. Copyrights protect the original expression of an idea, and relate to art, music, literature, and film. When an original work is generated, the copyright holder has an exclusive right to sell, license, transform, distribute, translate, record, perform, print, or otherwise use or give to another at will. Individuals or entities which own copyrights should be mindful to include a designate of the copyright on its materials by affixing a copyright sign (©), with the name of the creator and date of the copyright.

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