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Most people fail to consider the repercussions of not having an end-of-life plan. Decide now how you want your estate and finances managed after you are gone, and have confidence in the knowledge that your loved ones will be provided for.

Practice Areas:

Last Will & Testament and Power of Attorney
Undue Influence in Wills
Trust Accounting Litigation
Defective Wills & Trusts
Recovery for Financial Elder Abuse
Probate and Administration of an Estate
Litigation for Abused Will & Trust Beneficiaries
Legal Guardianships
Estate Planning Attorney
Contested Trusts, Wills and Probate Litigation

While nothing can replace the care that you provide your family, creating a will can give you peace of mind.

Should you find yourself serving as a personal representative (executor) of an estate, hiring an experienced probate attorney to guide you in administrating the estate or probate process is vital. With assistance from an attorney, you can have confidence in the knowledge that your loved one’s estate is being managed properly and provide you with security from personal liability.
No matter the probate issue, Dickson Law Group has over 45 years of experience helping people make and deal with final and personal arrangements.

We are the legal consultants to turn to for help with any estate or trust issue, as well as drafting your personal will.

A FREE 15 minute phone consultation is available when you call
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Our probate services include the following:

Probate Attorneys

  • Explaining the legal process after a relative has passed on, and postmortem estate planning
  • Assisting you in filing a will
  • Protecting your assets for heirs/beneficiaries
  • Guardianships
  • Assistance with contesting a will, including claims of undue influence
  • Representation in probate, estate, and trust litigation
  • Formal and summary probate administration
  • Estate and trust administration
  • Representation of personal representatives
  • Appointment of a special administrator

Discover What Makes Dickson Law Group Different:

  • Experience, teamed with compassion – Making your final arrangements or coping with the estate of a loved one can be very stressful. Put our decades of experience serving probate clients to work for you. Our thoughtful, accurate and timely handling of your loved one’s personal and financial matters will help smooth the process and reduce stress as much as possible. You can confidently leave the court filings, paperwork, tax issues, phone calling, inventorying etc. to us.
  • Affordability – Dickson Law Group is committed to providing great service in all areas of probate, trust and estate planning at affordable rates. At this stressful time, don’t let unexpected legal fees add to your worries. At Dickson Law Group, we never hesitate to provide a quote for our services over the phone.

For more information or to discuss your special concerns just call our offices in Seattle or Tacoma for a FREE phone consultation at 206-621-1110 or 253-572-1000. We look forward to working with you.

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