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Neighboring property owners may have disputes over many things, one of which is the boundaries of their properties. Sometimes, neighbors are able to resolve their disputes with relative ease simply by sitting down and talking it out. In other situations, however, these disputes can become very acrimonious, leading to lengthy and costly court battles. The assistance of an experienced real estate lawyer can be invaluable in negotiating with a neighbor and resolving a property boundary dispute as efficiently as possible.

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How do boundary disputes arise?

Disagreements regarding the exact location of your property line may arise for a number of reasons. Some reasons include the following:

  • A neighbor plants a tree on part of what you believe to be your property
  • Roots of a tree grow onto your property
  • A neighbor puts up a fence without exact or accurate measurements
  • A neighbor puts up a shed or other structure that extends over the boundary line
  • Your neighbor claims that part of your property now belongs to him due to adverse possession1
  • A previous property owner had orally agreed to let a neighbor use part of the real estate you purchased
  • The deed to one or both properties was flawed
  • Easements were improperly documented

These are only some of the examples of how a boundary dispute may arise. Because you have to live next to your neighbor, chances are good that you do not want a contentious battle in court to affect your relationship. An attorney can use negotiation, mediation, and other alternate dispute resolution2 tactics to help preserve the peace while resolving a boundary dispute.

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