Seattle and Tacoma Homeowner Association (HOA) Law

In Washington State, developers and groups of homeowners often form what are known as homeowner associations (HOAs) or neighborhood associations. These associations use a set of by-laws and rules that are court-enforceable. Since these rules are legally enforceable, they can become a matter of dispute between the HOA and the homeowners within the group. An experienced real estate law firm is needed to provide counsel during these disputes. If you have a homeowner association dispute, call Dickson Frohlich to discuss your rights under the law. With over 100 years of experience, our attorneys are the trusted local experts in all types of real estate law, including HOA issues.


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Homeowner Associations (HOAs) Legalities

Homeowner Association HOA LawHOAs are created to assure a certain quality of life within a community, preserving the value of the properties and enticing potential buyers. HOAs are responsible for implementing and enforcing certain rules and regulations that all members must adhere to for the good of the group. Recorded documents make these regulations enforceable by law if necessary. Membership in an HOA generally transfers with the sale of the property, making new owners legally bound by the association’s rules and regulations, even though they were not the original members.

HOA regulations can restrict what a homeowner is allowed to do with his home and often contain rules regarding everything from day to day maintenance to the types of pets a homeowner may have. Disputes often arise when members are unaware of – or disagree with – the interpretation of certain rules, and refuse to comply. This can lead to legal actions by the board of the HOA against the members not in compliance.

Both homeowners and HOA entities may need legal assistance in cases where there are disputes regarding HOA rules and by-laws. The HOA may take legal action against violators, and may even pursue a lien against the property in some cases. On both sides of the dispute, legal representation is essential if the law is to be upheld.

HOA Disputes: Know Your Rights

At Dickson Frohlich, our attorneys are well versed in all aspects of real estate law, including HOA regulations. We have a stellar reputation in Western Washington as an affordable yet effective law firm for our many clients needing assistance with real estate legalities. We have helped many HOAs and their members overcome disputes, with favorable outcomes for our clients.

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