Washington State Legal Resource Links

At the Dickson Frohlich, our experienced attorneys handle cases involving numerous areas of the law, including business law, probate, real estate, family law, construction law, and veteran’s disability rights. Each different area of law implicates numerous state statutes, regulations, local court rules and procedures, and more, and it is always important to have an attorney who understands how laws and rules correlate and apply to your particular legal issue. The following are some of the resources that our skilled lawyers regularly use to prepare for cases, though these are only a few samples of the vast array of legal resources we have at our disposal to ensure we receive the best possible results for every client.  Please feel free to explore the following links so that you may have a better understanding of the legal issues involved in your particular case.

Business Law

Washington Secretary of State – A link to the SOS Information Center for consumers and business owners alike.

Washington Business Corporation Act – The body of state statues governing corporations within the state of Washington.

Dickson Frohlich Business Attorneys – Experienced attorneys handling business-related legal matters in Seattle and Tacoma. 


Washington State Probate Laws – The state statutes regarding the probate process in Washington after an individual passes away.

Dickson Frohlich Probate Attorneys – A firm of skilled attorneys helping individuals and families with the probate process in the state of Washington.

Seattle Probate Attorneys – Probate lawyers serving clients in the Seattle area.

Tacoma Probate Attorneys – Probate lawyers serving clients in and around Tacoma.

Albertson & Davidson, LLP – Law firm handling trust, estate, and probate matters throughout California.

Carlsbad Probate Attorneys – Experienced trial attorneys focused on trusts and estates litigation.

Bay Area Probate Lawyers Probate, trust, and estate lawyers helping clients in the San Francisco area.

Real Estate Law

Dickson Frohlich Real Estate Attorneys – Law firm helping clients with real estate-related legal issues in Seattle and Tacoma.

Washington Real Estate Law Blog – Informational blog regarding legal real estate developments and matters in Washington State.

Dickson Frohlich Foreclosure Attorneys – Experienced lawyers standing up for the rights of property owners facing foreclosure.

Dickson Frohlich Loan Modification Attorneys – Law firm in Seattle and Tacoma assist property owners in modifying loans and avoiding foreclosure.

Family Law

Washington State Domestic Relations Laws – A link to the full set of family-related statutes in the state of Washington, covering divorce, child custody, and much more.

Washington Family Law Handbook – A handbook summarizing laws and procedures related to marriage and family law published each year by the Washington state courts.

Dickson Frohlich Family Law Attorneys – Dickson Frohlich provides the highest quality of representation in any family-related matter.

Law Office of Raymond B. Benzinger – Raymond B. Benzinger is an experienced family law attorney handling divorce, child custody, child support, and other related matters to clients in the state of Virginia.

Construction Law

WSBA Construction Law Section – Information and resources regarding construction law matters provided by the Washington State Bar Association.

Dickson Frohlich Construction Law Attorneys – Skilled lawyers handling construction law cases in Seattle and Tacoma.