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Construction projects can be lucrative for everyone involved, as they provide work for construction companies and an increase in value for property owners. There is often a significant amount of money at stake in construction projects, so you want to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the project. Our highly experienced construction lawyers at the Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess can assist you with all legal issues that may arise in your project, including the following:

FAQs about Construction Law

Construction projects can involve many different parties who must agree on many different aspects of the projects, including costs, timelines, materials, warranties, and more. The following are some of the questions we commonly hear from construction clients:

  • Should I have an attorney review a contract for a construction project? Most construction projects involve many different parties, materials, and stages of the job. All of these should be carefully agreed to in a well-drafted and negotiated contract. Construction contracts are complex documents that use legal terms, so an experienced attorney should always review any agreement before you sign it.
  • How can I resolve a construction dispute? Going into court is only the last resort for resolving construction disputes. Before you get involved in potentially costly litigation, we can help you explore alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. If necessary, we are skilled at representing you in litigation, as well.
  • What types of clients do you represent in construction cases? Our firm represents a number of parties who may be involved in construction disputes, including commercial or residential property owners, general contractors, subcontractors, builders, engineers, and material suppliers, among others.

Steps to Take if You have a Legal Concerns about a Construction Project

If you rush into a construction project and do not take the necessary steps to protect your rights, you may find yourself facing costly losses or legal liability. The following are some ways you can work to protect your interests when beginning any type of residential or commercial construction project:

  • Always insist that agreements for work, timelines, payment, and liens be in writing.
  • Do not sign any contracts without first having them reviewed by a legal professional. Construction contracts can be complicated and can use confusing language that may make it difficult to identify unfair terms.
  • Ensure that all contractors and subcontractors are properly licensed with good reputations.
  • Take photos throughout the project, keeping careful and organized noted regarding progress and the justification for unforeseen delays.

No matter what the size or scope of your construction project may be, one of the most important steps you can take is to consult with a highly skilled construction lawyer. Construction projects, contracts, and disputes involve technical laws and evidence, so it is critical to have an attorney who understands all of the regulations and legal concepts involved in construction projects. Please do not delay in calling the Tacoma construction attorneys at the Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess to discuss how we can help you today.

How We can Help With Your Construction Case

You will find that a qualified construction lawyer can help you in many different ways in all phases of your project, from the initial agreement to the final payment. Our legal team can assist your in the following ways, among others:

  • Ensure that your project complies with all relevant laws and regulations to minimize the chance of interruptions or delays due to legal conflicts.
  • Draft, review, and negotiate all contracts to make certain there are no unfavorable terms.
  • Represent you in breach of contract claims.
  • Help to ensure you are paid what you are owed and that you do not face any unnecessary financial losses.
  • Work so you can avoid legal liability whenever possible.
  • Resolve disputes through mediation, arbitration, or litigation when necessary.

At the Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess, we understand that many types of disputes and conflicts can arise during your construction project and we work to resolve such issues as efficiently as possible for you. We also take steps in advance to avoid disputes from arising whenever possible. If you are embarking on a construction project or already face a dispute, please call our Tacoma office at 253-572-1000 or contact us online.

Attorney Robert Dickson

Attorney Robert DicksonThe core of Rob’s legal practice is civil litigation, with an emphasis on construction, real estate, and business law. He represents a wide range of clients, from large construction companies to individual homeowners. His is a practical approach to law, which strives to balance the need for a successful legal outcome with a client’s financial goals (or constraints). Outside of his private practice, Rob serves as an adjunct professor at the Seattle University School of Law where he teaches real estate litigation. [ Attorney Bio ]

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    Attorney Thomas L. Dickson

    Thomas L. Dickson

    Tom is an experienced litigator and the founding partner of the firm. For over 30 years, he’s helped clients prevail in their real estate, construction, and business law matters.

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    Attorney Heather Burgess

    Heather Burgess

    Heather represents property owners and developers in all phases of real estate development, from pre-acquisition due diligence through local permitting and appeals.

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    Attorney Robert P. Dickson

    Robert P. Dickson

    The core of Rob’s legal practice is civil litigation, with an emphasis on construction, real estate, and business law. He represents a wide range of clients, from large construction companies to individual homeowners.

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    Attorney Daniel J. Frohlich

    Daniel J. Frohlich

    Dan’s legal practice focuses on civil litigation, real estate law, business law and probate law. He has more than 10 years of experience as an attorney serving clients throughout Western Washington.

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    Mark S. Johnson

    Mark’s legal practice focuses on civil litigation, real estate law, business law and family law. He works tirelessly to help his clients achieve the outcome they are looking for.

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    Trevor A. Zandell

    Since graduating with honors from law school in 2005, Trevor has been serving the legal needs of businesses, individuals, and families across Southwest Washington.

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    Daniel E. Pizarro

    As an associate at Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess, Daniel is active in the firm’s civil litigation department. His practice is mainly centered around real estate law, landlord-tenant law, construction law, and probate law.

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    Alexander J. Wisbey

    Alexander Wisbey comes to the firm with 5 years of experience as a litigator and trial attorney. He has first chaired several jury trials and has extensive experience handling arbitrations, mediations, depositions, and settlements.

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    Andrew Hata

    Andrew is the head of our Transactional Department and focuses his practice on corporate governance, real estate transactions, commercial contracts, and corporate finance.

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    Cambria A. Queen

    Cambria is an Associate with Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess in the civil litigation department, where she practices primarily real estate and probate law.

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    George Knight

    As an associate at Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess, George is active in the firm’s civil litigation and transactional departments. His practice is mainly centered around business law, real estate law, construction law, employment law, and probate law.

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    Chris Pierce-Wright

    Chris comes to Phillips Burgess Tacoma from Seattle, where he served as an associate attorney focused on insurance litigation with Wilson Smith Cochran Dickerson.

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    Attorney Jennifer Yoo

    Jennifer Yoo

    Jennifer is an associate attorney at Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess where her current practice focuses on real estate law, contract and commercial disputes, and business law.

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    Attorney Kenneth Chan

    Kenneth Chan

    As an associate at Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess, PLLC, Kenny is active in the firm’s civil litigation and transactional departments. Prior to working at Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess, Kenny was an in-house attorney for a Fortune 100 company.

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    Attorney Brian Buske

    Brian Buske

    Following his graduation from Lewis & Clark Law School, Brian garnered valuable client experience working on international compliance and intellectual property issues.

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    Attorney Matt Wand

    Matt Wand

    Matt was born and raised in East Multnomah County in the Gresham area where he lives and has raised his family. His wife of more than twenty-five years is Anne Wand and they have three children together.

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