Commercial Lease Review

Reviewing a Commercial Lease

A commercial lease sets out the legal terms of the agreement between a commercial property owner and the business owner that wishes to rent the property. Both parties have specific...

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Independent Construction Worker

Independent Contractor or Employee?

Construction projects tend to involve many different workers doing many different jobs. Sometimes, construction companies hire employees who only work on that particular company’s projects. In many other situations, however,...

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Complicated Business Taxes

Business Taxes Can Be Complicated

Just as every individual must pay their annual taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS),1 every business must also pay taxes. There are many different types of business taxes and...

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Foreclosure Mediation

Ways To Avoid a Foreclosure

If you have received notice of a foreclosure action against you by your mortgage lender, you will likely feel an immediate fear of losing your home. A house is often...

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