Limited Liability Company

Examples of Benefits of an LLC

When you start a business, you have many choices when it comes to the legal formation of your company. One type of legal business entity that is particularly common in...

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Types of Real Estate Deeds

Types of Deeds

The document that legally conveys an interest in real estate from one individual to another is referred to as a “deed.” Every state has specific laws and requirements for valid...

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Estate Tax Return Advice

Estate Tax Returns

Almost everyone knows the saying: Nothing is certain except death and taxes1. Not only are these both certainties, but also go hand in hand, since you may have to pay...

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Divorce Mediation Help

Divorce & Mediation

How can a mediator help with my divorce? Ending your marriage is not as simple as just requesting that the court grant a divorce. There are many different issues that...

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Tacoma Land Easement


What is an Easement?  An easement1 is the legal right for a non-owner to use or cross over another person’s land. The following are brief descriptions of the four main...

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