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At Dickson Frohlich, our attorneys understand how complex Tacoma real estate transactions and disputes can be. We also know how much can be on the line when a real estate case arises. Whether you are buying property, selling property, leasing property, or have a conflict regarding real estate you currently own, our team of highly experienced Tacoma real estate attorneys can help you. We regularly handle the following types of real estate matters, among others:

Commercial Tenancy Disputes

Boundary Disputes

Easement Creation or Disputes

Quiet Title Actions

Real Estate Commission Disputes

Title Insurance Disputes

Mediation and Arbitration

Real Estate Litigation

Disputes with Financial Institutions

Disputes with Government Agencies

Disputes between Neighbors

CC&R Creations or Disputes

Condo Conversion

Residential and Commercial Lease Review and Drafting

Landlord/Tenant Disputes


Buying or Selling Residential or Commercial Real Estate

Lien Claims

Loan Modification

Short Sale

Foreclosure Defense

Broker Contracts

Trustees for Real Estate Owners

New Development Projects

Buying A Home Without A Real Estate Agent

● Selling A Home Without A Real Estate Agent


Common Legal Questions Answered By Tacoma Real Estate Attorney

Real estate laws are complicated and our clients naturally have many questions regarding their real estate case. Whether your case involves commercial or residential real estate, we will ensure that you fully understand your rights and that we address any questions or concerns you may have. The following are only a few frequently asked questions about real estate cases:

  • Do I need an attorney for a lease agreement? While many people simply sign lease agreements without a second thought, it is important to realize that leases are legally-binding contracts. If you sign and agree to provisions that may be unfair, you may later face significant legal liability, restrictions for your business, or may even lose access to your leased property. It is critical to have a real estate lawyer carefully review any lease agreement before you sign.
  • Do I need representation to buy a home? When purchasing a home, many people hire a real estate agent but fail to consult with a real estate attorney. While an agent can help you find the home of your dreams, they often do not have the knowledge of complex real estate agreements title issues, and other questions that may arise during the process. It is wise to have a lawyer reviewing all contracts and documents during the purchasing process.
  • How much does a real estate lawyer cost? Fees will vary depending on what type of real estate matter you have. We will always be honest and upfront about fees so there are no surprises for you.
  • What type of real estate clients do you take? We regularly represent landlords, tenants, commercial and residential owners, sellers, and purchasers, owners facing foreclosure, among others.

What to Do to Protect Your Rights in Your Real Estate Transaction

There are numerous things you can do to ensure your rights are fully protected in a real estate matter, including the following:

  • Never assume a lease agreement or real estate agreement is fair and skip over terms you may not understand. If you are unsure about any contract provisions, have an attorney
  • Do not assume that foreclosure is inevitable if you are struggling to make mortgage payments. Our attorneys have many tools to help you become current on your mortgage and keep your property.
  • Understand that there are many ways to efficiently and effectively resolve disputes with neighboring property owners.

One of the most important things you can do when facing a real estate issue is to call the skilled attorneys at the Dickson Frohlich as soon as possible. Our founder Thomas Dickson has more than 30 years of experience helping real estate clients and we have the resources to help you obtain a favorable result in your case.

How We Can Help with Your Real Estate Case

An experienced real estate lawyer can be extremely beneficial in many ways, including:

  • Read through all contracts and lease agreements before you sign them to identify any potentially unfair terms.
  • Negotiate more favorable terms in your real estate contract.
  • Help preserve your relationship with your neighbors while standing up for your rights as a property owner regarding easements or boundaries.
  • Find solutions for you to keep your home in the face of a possible foreclosure.
  • Guide you through the legal process of litigation, eviction, or foreclosure.
  • Negotiate with financial institutions regarding financing disputes or alternatives to foreclosure.
  • Provide peace of mind that your best interests are protected through every step of your real estate transaction.

If you have any type of real estate questions, please do not hesitate to call the Tacoma real estate attorneys at the Dickson Frohlich law firm for help today. We provide the highest quality of real estate representation, so please contact us online or at 253-572-1000 for a free consultation.