• How Do I Create an LLC in Washington State?

    If you own a business and decide that a limited liability company (LLC) is the right structure for you, you may wonder, how do I create an LLC in Washington State? It’s simple and inexpensive. The hard work is deciding which business form works best for you and coming up with an effective ownership agreement. An LLC is one of many types of legal entities that can own and operate a Washington State business. Dickson Frohlich can help you decide if an LLC is your best choice, given your priorities and the nature of your business. You have liability protection like a corporation, but an LLC is easier and less expensive to form and run. It can own and run just about any business. There can be one or multiple owners. LLCs are often used by invest

  • How Much Does it Cost to Set Up an LLC in Washington State?

    If you’re thinking about starting a business, you may wonder, how much does it cost to set up an LLC in Washington State? The cost of filing forms and paying fees to set up a limited liability company (LLC) is tiny, compared to all the other expenses you may face when starting a business. The business law attorneys of Dickson Frohlich offer a wide range of services to those who own or plan to start a business. Our attorneys have more than a hundred years of combined experience helping business clients of all sizes. Call us today at 206-429-6931 to learn more. Is an LLC Right for You? An LLC is a business structure with many of a corporation’s benefits and with the tax advantages and flexibility of a partnership. There are several options for

  • Zoning, Nuisance, and Barking Dogs

    Can You Sue for a Barking Dog? Dogs are known as man’s best friends. They can also be a nuisance and create major problems between neighbors. But can you sue for a barking dog? If there is one dog barking, it is considered to be private nuisance, but if there are many dogs involved, the problem becomes a public one. Fortunately, Washington counties and cities have remedies for problems with nuisance dogs. Complaints can be made to the Code Enforcement of the local government and to Animal Control. If there are questions on licensing of animals, you may be able to challenge the dog’s eligibility with the auditor of your county. Nearly all local governments have Internet forms you can use to make formal complaints. If filing these complain

  • What Happens when an Executor does not Perform their Necessary Duties?

    What happens when an executor does not perform their necessary duties? The process involved with handling an estate requires that certain tasks be performed by an executor. When a person dies with a will, the estate will generally have to go through the probate process in accordance with Washington laws before property can be distributed to beneficiaries. The testator (the deceased maker of the will) will have named an executor to take charge of the process of administering the estate. There are many legal requirements that executors must perform. The process can involve much more than simply taking property and handing it out to beneficiaries. Instead, the duties of an executor can include the following: Take inventory of the property and assets