• Zoning, Nuisance, and Barking Dogs

    Can You Sue for a Barking Dog? Dogs are known as man’s best friends. They can also be a nuisance and create major problems between neighbors. But can you sue for a barking dog? If there is one dog barking, it is considered to be private nuisance, but if there are many dogs involved, the problem becomes a public one. Fortunately, Washington counties and cities have remedies for problems with nuisance dogs. Complaints can be made to the Code Enforcement of the local government and to Animal Control. If there are questions on licensing of animals, you may be able to challenge the dog’s eligibility with the auditor of your county. Nearly all local governments have Internet forms you can use to make formal complaints. If filing these complain

  • What Happens when an Executor does not Perform their Necessary Duties?

    What happens when an executor does not perform their necessary duties? The process involved with handling an estate requires that certain tasks be performed by an executor. When a person dies with a will, the estate will generally have to go through the probate process in accordance with Washington laws before property can be distributed to beneficiaries. The testator (the deceased maker of the will) will have named an executor to take charge of the process of administering the estate. There are many legal requirements that executors must perform. The process can involve much more than simply taking property and handing it out to beneficiaries. Instead, the duties of an executor can include the following: Take inventory of the property and assets

  • Real Estate Trespassing Laws

    It is important for property owners to understand real estate trespassing laws in Washington and their legal rights. The act of trespass and subsequent remedies for property owners are governed by both common law (decisions made by the courts) and by Washington state statutes. Trespass is a tort, which means it is a wrongful act that causes injury to another party and may lead to a lawsuit. Specifically, a trespasser generally wrongfully enters another person’s property, interferes with possession of property, damages property, or wrongfully removes resources from property. Is it Illegal to Trespass on Private Property? Is it illegal to trespass on private property? Yes. Trespassing on private property is illegal and there are good reasons why. T

  • How to Classify an Independent Contractor vs. an Employee

    How to classify an independent contractor vs. an employee is an increasingly important issue for businesses. Up to a third of the American workforce may be self-employed full- or part-time. A major question for these individuals and the companies for which they provide work is how many of them are, under the law, employees? Why Classification of Workers Matters With every employee comes costs, taxes, local, state, and federal rules, regulations, and statutes. You may be tempted to apply an “independent contractor” label to avoid all this expense and hassle. But that could subject you to far greater liability if the person, according to the law, is an employee. Because of a successful complaint to a government agency or the filing of a lawsuit,