• What Is the Difference between Testate and Intestate?

    Hiring an estate planning lawyer is critical for ensuring that your wishes are respected. A death in the family brings out the worst in people, and you want to avoid infighting, jealousy, and resentment. The challenge is some people plan ahead by creating a will and leaving specific instructions for handling their estate. These situations are known as testate — when the person dies and leaves a valid will. Most wills are legal and describe how you want your assets distributed. Intestate is when a person dies and doesn’t leave a will. Confusion could arise in these situations, and the courts resolve intestate cases following state law. Knowing these terms will help you to make an informed decision when creating an estate plan. Dickson Frohli

  • What is a Land Use Variance, and Do I Need a Lawyer to Obtain One?

    A variance is when you are permitted to go against zoning laws and do certain activities. It is an exemption that is authorized one time only and doesn’t apply to everyone. The current zoning laws are still in force and you cannot get around them because you received a variance. For example, suppose that you want to open a cafe in an industrial area. Cafes are zoned as commercial establishments. A variance authorizes you to build this kind of business in a place that is zoned differently. It applies to anything surrounding the property that goes against existing zoning laws and municipal codes. Variances will cover two different areas: Use: This allows you to use the land in ways that are restricted by zoning requirements. Some good examp

  • What Does an Insolvent Estate Mean?

    If you’re responsible for an estate where the deceased passed away with fewer assets than financial liabilities, you’ll want to know, what does an insolvent estate mean? When you think of administering an estate after someone dies, you likely think of handing out their money and property to family members according to their Last Will and Testament. However, many people have financial issues and may pass away with serious debts and few assets. When you have more debts than you do assets and property, you are legally called “insolvent.” So, what happens when you leave behind an insolvent estate? A big part of administering an estate is settling all debts and paying necessary taxes. In some cases, however, there is not enough money to cover a

  • How Do You Handle a Breach of Contract?

    How Do You Handle a Breach of Contract? Our Breach of Contract Lawyers Explain Your Legal Options Are you presently party to a contract where the other side is not living up to their side of the deal? Or perhaps worse, is the other side in a contract claiming that you are not performing according to the terms of an agreement? If either of those are the case, you may be involved in a contract dispute. Before you take any action, it’s important to first understand your options. Discuss your situation with our breach of contract lawyer in Seattle. You’ll find our business attorneys at Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess have the depth of experience and knowledge you need to ensure your legal rights are protected. What Is a Contract? A Legal Def