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Helping You Before and During the Probate Process in Tacoma

After a person passes away, probate is the process the court uses to close an estate. There are many steps of the probate process and probate can be complicated if anyone raises legal disputes in regard to the will of the deceased person.

Having a lawyer who is knowledgeable about probate laws in Washington can help save you time, energy, and stress during this process. Our team of skilled probate attorneys at the Dickson Frohlich regularly handle the following matters related to probate:

FAQs Regarding Washington Probate and Estate Planning

Probate in Washington can be confusing and the laws can be difficult to navigate. For this reason, it is only natural for you to have numerous questions regarding the probate process and how to prepare for it. The following are some of the common questions our Tacoma probate lawyers hear:

  • When is the right time to call an estate planning attorney? Now is the right time to talk to our law firm. If you have any assets or property, you and your family can benefit from you drafting an estate plan and this is especially important if you have a spouse or children. It is a myth that you need to be older or particularly wealthy to call an estate planning attorney.
  • Who is the executor of an estate? The executor of your estate is an important designation that you make in your will. This person will submit your will to the court, notify beneficiaries, settle your debts and taxes, and distribute your property in accordance with your will, among other tasks.
  • Are there ways to avoid probate? A skilled estate planning lawyer will know ways to help you avoid putting most of your property through probate. Forming trusts, titling real property in a certain way, and having payable-on-death accounts are only some examples of methods of avoiding probate.

What to Do to Make Probate Easier for Your Loved Ones

The ease of probate is largely dictated by the steps a person took prior to passing away. Some of the many things you can do to simplify the probate process for your loved ones include:

  • Think about your estate plan as a comprehensive package. While essential, a last will and testament is generally inadequate to address all of your estate planning needs and you will need to draft and sign other important documents and instructions, as well.
  • Do not wait to design your estate plan. Accidents, injuries, and illnesses can happen at any time to people of all ages. If you are suddenly incapacitated, you want to ensure that your wishes are clear and that you and your family are properly cared for.
  • Carefully consider who you choose to serve as executor of your estate during probate. This role can require time and energy and you want to ensure that the designated individual not only is willing to serve but has the availability to do so.
  • Revisit an existing estate plan regularly. A will that you drafted after getting married will likely need to be updated after you have children or after your children have grown up. Your changing finances may also require more sophisticated estate planning tools as you get older.

At the Dickson Frohlich, our probate attorneys have helped many clients plan for the future to ease the burden on their loved ones and to ensure their hard-earned property is distributed according to their wishes. If you would like to discuss our probate and estate planning services, call our office today.

How Tacoma Probate Law Attorneys Can Help throughout the Probate Process

Our experienced probate lawyers can assist you and your family in many different ways, including the following:

  • Evaluate your financial and familial situation to identify and draft any necessary estate planning documents.
  • Regularly review your estate plan and advise you when you need to make changes or additions to your plan due to changing circumstances.
  • Assist in the probate process to ensure all requirements are met and procedures are followed, which will limit delays or complications.
  • Advise executors throughout the administration of an estate in probate.
  • Represent the rights and interests of beneficiaries of a will or trust who wish to contest a will or challenge the actions of an executor or trustee.

To learn more about our estate planning and probate services, please contact our Tacoma office of the Dickson Frohlich as soon as possible. We can help you protect your property and your family members, so call us today at 253-572-1000 or contact us online for your free consultation.