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Starting and running a business can be highly rewarding both personally and financially. At the Dickson Frohlich, our Tacoma business law attorneys support the success of businesses in the Tacoma area and we work to help owners achieve as much success in their businesses as possible. We routinely and successfully handle a wide range of business law matters, including the following:

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Corporate Law Services

Both new and experienced business owners will inevitably have legal questions about their companies. The following are only a few of the questions we regularly hear from business owners and, for more specific questions or concerns, please contact our office for assistance.

  • When should I contact a business law attorney? If you are facing a legal conflict with your business, you should call a business lawyer as soon as possible. However, you do not have to wait until a dispute arises to contact an attorney. A business attorney can help you even before you officially form your business to put safeguards in place to prevent legal issues in the future.
  • Do I have to go to court to resolve my business’s legal dispute? Litigation can be costly and time-consuming. The good news is that many business disputes can be resolved without heading into court. Our law firm explores other ways for dispute resolution, including negotiating with the other party or engaging in mediation or arbitration before we file a legal claim.
  • Should I have a business lawyer on retainer? When a legal issue arises, it is important for your attorney to understand the nature of your business so they can find the most effective legal solution for you. Having an ongoing relationship with a business lawyer will allow you to call your lawyer whenever you need assistance without having to explain the history of your business and your goals. This can save you time and money.

Steps to Take to Protect Your Business

As a business owner, there are steps to take that can increase your chances of success and help to avoid legal problems. Consider the following:

  • Ensure you are in compliance with the wide range of laws, regulations, and ordinances that may apply to your business.
  • Put agreements in writing. As some oral agreements may be enforced, it is generally simpler to have everyone’s obligations and expectations written out and signed by all the parties to minimize the chances of misunderstandings.
  • Examine your operational procedures to identify ways to improve efficiency and overall financial success.
  • Comply with all employment laws and ensure you provide a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Comply with all relevant tax requirements to avoid any conflicts with the IRS.
  • Address any potential conflicts the moment you suspect they may arise, as it may be simpler to resolve an issue before it has progressed further.

It can be difficult to identify every legal issue that needs to be addressed for your company. The highly skilled business law attorneys at the Dickson Frohlich are here to identify and address any legal concerns that you may have. To learn more about our business law services, please do not hesitate to contact our office today.

How Our Tacoma Business Law Attorneys Help with Your Business-Related Legal Issues

The following are only some of the many ways that our law firm can help you in the course of your business:

  • We become familiar with your business model and goals so that we can address your legal matters with your goals always in mind.
  • We have numerous templates to use for business contracts and legal documents that can protect your legal rights in an efficient manner.
  • We carefully review and negotiate all business contracts to avoid legal errors.
  • We work together as a legal team to provide different perspectives so that we do not miss any possible mistakes. Our combined experience allows us to provide the highest quality of representation for your business.
  • We regularly check in with you regarding any new developments in Washington business laws that may affect your company.
  • We are here to provide advice, guidance, and representation for the variety of legal issues your business may face.

If you are thinking of starting a business or you are already in operations and need legal assistance, the business lawyers of the Dickson Frohlich in Tacoma are here to help you. Please call us at 253-572-1000 for a free consultation or set up an appointment using our online contact form today.