• What Is Simplified Probate?

    If your loved one left behind a smaller estate, you may ask yourself, what is simplified probate? It’s the legal process for settling the affairs of a person who has passed away. Some estates qualify for simplified rules within the probate system. If you want to learn where an estate stands and which kind of probate applies, contact Dickson Frohlich for help. The superior court oversees the probate process. The process determines whether a will is genuine and appoints a personal representative to take charge of the estate. During the probate process, creditors may be allowed to collect debts the deceased owed when he or she died. Washington Probate Basics Not all property or assets need to pass through probate. A good rule of thumb to know

  • What an Executor (Personal Representative) Cannot Do

    An executor/executrix (personal representative) are essentially the managers of an estate. That means they have a fiduciary duty to the decedent as well as her heirs to carry out their work to the best of their ability, and to do so in an organized and transparent fashion. They act, in essence, on behalf of the deceased person to fulfill his or her wishes as described within his or her estate plan. Consequently, a personal representative cannot be careless, inattentive, or use the estate for personal gain. An executor controls all the estate’s assets, which means he is responsible for paying its bills (creditors) and preserving the asserts of the estate such that the proceeds are maximized for the heirs. Personal representatives who are incompetent

  • How Do You Handle a Breach of Contract?

    Are you presently part of a contract where the other side is not living up to their side of the deal? Or perhaps worse, is the other side in a contract claiming that you are not performing according to the terms of an agreement? If either of those are the case, he may be involved in a contract dispute. Dickson Frohlich can help. What Is a Contract? Contracts are found in a broad array of contexts. While contracts themselves may differ, they all have a few key components: the presence of an offer, the acceptance of that offer, and an exchange of consideration, meaning value such as goods, services, or money. Technically, contract law covers virtually all economic exchanges. Take, for example, the purchase of a hamburger: the restaurant is offering th

  • Do You Have to Do Probate When Someone Dies?

    Do You Have to Do Probate When Someone Dies? A term frequently heard after someone dies is “probate.” Probate is the legal process used to administer a deceased person’s estate by gathering assets, settling debts, and ultimately providing financial distributions to members of the family. As a judicial process, the probate judge is essentially providing legal oversight of the transfer of assets to others, whether or not there was a final will. When a loved one passes away, it’s common to wonder whether you have to go through the probate process.  While technically, it isn’t automatically mandatory in Washington state, the practical realities of dealing with an estate’s creditors, heirs, and other interested parties means that using the p