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If there are significant events in your life or changes in your relationships, it’s time to ask the question: When should you change your will? Hopefully, we get older and wiser. Your will should reflect that. Our relationships and priorities change over time. A person or organization you thought would be worth supporting in your […]

It is important for property owners to understand real estate trespassing laws in Washington and their legal rights. The act of trespass and subsequent remedies for property owners are governed by both common law (decisions made by the courts) and by Washington state statutes. Trespass is a tort, which means it is a wrongful act […]

If your loved one left behind a smaller estate, you may ask yourself, what is simplified probate? It’s the legal process for settling the affairs of a person who has passed away. Some estates qualify for simplified rules within the probate system. If you want to learn where an estate stands and which kind of […]

Do You Have to Do Probate When Someone Dies? A term frequently heard after someone dies is “probate.” Probate is the legal process used to administer a deceased person’s estate by gathering assets, settling debts, and ultimately providing financial distributions to members of the family. As a judicial process, the probate judge is essentially providing […]

Non-conforming use, more commonly referred to as a “grandfathered use,” is a concept found in zoning and land use law. To understand it fully, one must understand how zoning and land use codes work. State and local government use municipal “zoning codes” to govern how buildings are constructed and how land is utilized. What’s more, […]