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Seattle Land Use Attorneys

Helping You Resolve Land Use and Zoning Disputes

Land use is something that always raises controversy. You have development and progress pushing for the highest and greatest usage. This conflicts with local zoning laws, property owners’ rights, and land usage.

Misunderstandings involving proper land use and zoning in development projects can have a significant effect on a landowner’s life. Whether you are a residential property owner in a feud with a neighbor over an easement or a commercial property owner battling for land use rights from the local government, these disputes can be costly and can take a long time to settle if not handled correctly—not to mention that your property or business success may be threatened if you are not successful. For this reason, any time you have any type of land use or zoning issue, you should always consult with an experienced land use attorney as soon as possible.

Situations like this occur between neighbors, residents, governments, nonprofits, and developers. All have different ideas about how the land should be utilized. This creates confusion about who has the right to the land and its natural resources.

These issues boil over and cause legal challenges that require the assistance of a lawyer. Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess is the Seattle land use firm that can help you. We represent private and public clients in this area of the law and will use our knowledge and experience to benefit you.

Call our Seattle office now at at 206-621-1110 to schedule your phone consultation. You will speak with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney that can help you.

Why Choose Us?

Land use disputes are complex. Emotions and a sense of entitlement do not make these cases easier. Most disputes will fester until things become so bad that legal action has to be taken. The other side has their attorneys, and they are ready to come after you.

Situations like this are when you need to speak with the land use lawyers at Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess. We have 100 years of combined legal experience, and you will work with an attorney who knows the law. Your lawyer applies what you tell them to your case so we can create successful outcomes for you.

Another reason why you want to choose us is our patience and flexibility. We understand that land use disputes will not go away, and you need someone on your side who knows what to do. Your attorney applies all aspects of the law to your case and we will tell your side of things.

We know that getting favorable outcomes takes time, and we will adjust our strategies to the changing conditions. This increases the chances that we can use one of the many different tools to avoid a lengthy trial. Forms of alternative dispute resolution will give you other options that can create favorable outcomes. These techniques remove all of the heated emotions and focus on the facts of the case and the application of relevant law.

We have five-star reviews from our clients for getting favorable outcomes in their cases. We can do the same thing for you.

How We Can Help

Land use laws and their application are confusing. You are up against forces that are well-funded and well-prepared. The other side will hire their attorneys to look out for their best interests. This means that their lawyers will argue in their favor and use the law to support their claims.

We level the playing field by knowing the law and whether the other side’s claims hold merit. Your land use planning attorney uses case precedent, interpretations of the law, and any evidence to support your case. We will not let the other party’s attorneys try to manipulate the situation in their favor and will stand up for you.

Your lawyer will push to use creative resolutions for settling the case, including mediation, arbitration, and other forms of conflict resolution. The majority of these cases avoid a trial and you get a successful outcome in your favor.

Our lawyers have a proven track record that gets results. We will make sure that we look out for your best interests throughout the case. The other side’s attorneys know what they are up against and advise their clients to settle. The prospect of a long and costly trial harms their case and makes it more difficult for them to prevail.

We use this to speed up the negotiations and use alternative forms of dispute resolution to create the best outcomes. It saves everyone time and money, and dials down the emotions from the case. This is when everyone gets what they want.

When Do You Need a Land Use Planning Attorney?

You need to use a land use planning attorney for many different situations. Those times when you should call us relate to:

  • Easements
  • Zoning issues
  • Boundary challenges
  • Licensing issues from zoning problems
  • Development and construction problems
  • Right of way issues
  • Getting approval from your local zoning authority
  • Purchasing a property.

We offer a range of services that deal with issues directly related to land use. These regulations are confusing, and you need someone who knows the law and has experience. We are the Seattle land use attorneys to go to for help.

Our team handles all aspects of land use, and we will give you the personal attention you deserve. Land use law is confusing, and you want an attorney who can give you objective advice. This is what we do. Our team will work with you through all of your land use issues. No case is too big or small for us.

We offer phone consultations to discuss your case and what we can do. You will get objective advice and learn about what options are available for addressing your land use issues.

Dealing with the Challenges in Land Use Planning

State and local governments take a general approach regarding land use and zoning. They are looking out for the best interests of different stakeholders. The problem is that sometimes these interests will clash with yours.

For example, in some communities, local governments focus on protecting the environment. Their ordinances restrict you from building an addition onto your home by limiting what you can do with the property. You feel frustrated with local officials telling you what you can and can’t do on your property.

These issues are not uncommon in land use law. You have rights, and just because a local government rules one way doesn’t mean it is going to stay like that. Local zoning laws, ordinances, and rulings can be challenged.

Our land use lawyers know what to do to make effective agreements in your favor. You are the legitimate owner of the property and have rights. Local governments must respect these rights and allow you the opportunity to present your case. We assist clients, making arguments like these in your favor.

If you are feeling discouraged, take heart that all land use cases have a process. This means that it takes time, and there will be situations when it seems like you are not getting anywhere. Rest assured that we can make progress, but need to be patient everything will work out.

At Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess, you work with a land use attorney who has handled these cases before. We know what to do to make effective arguments in your favor.

Using Creative Solutions on Land Use Disputes

One of the biggest reasons why land use disputes arise is that one party thinks it can do something and another is stopping them. This creates heated emotions about someone trying to interfere in the affairs of someone else enjoying their land. They have the right to use it in any way that they want.

The problem with these disputes is that both sides are dug in on their positions. Both are refusing to budge, feeling that they are right. These emotions are what cause a land use issue and fuel it.

We bring everyone back from the brink and cool down the hot tempers. Litigation is an expensive and time-consuming situation. We use this as a last choice and prefer to go to other avenues that will get results. Some of the other solutions our attorneys are using include mediation, arbitration, and negotiations.

We seek your best interests and work with you to create favorable outcomes. The majority of cases are settled using alternative methods of dispute resolution. This means that we can settle the case faster and create desired outcomes from the case. All that is needed is a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who knows what to do. This is what makes us so successful.

FAQs for Our Land Use Attorneys

By this point, you may have questions about land use or other issues related to property disputes. Here are just a few of the most frequently asked questions, answered by our land use attorneys.

No. Tax maps are used for identifying parcels for tax purposes. They don’t give you the most accurate assessment of the property boundaries and lines like a survey does.

We recommend calling a land use attorney. Our team of lawyers will evaluate your situation and let you know the best options.

We recommend sticking to the facts of the case and starting at the beginning. This will put everything into a logical sequence of events to help you explain your issue.

The most appropriate thing is to avoid a confrontation. We recommend taking lots of pictures calling the police, and consulting us about what is happening.

You have numerous options, including hiring an attorney or surveyor; negotiating; and seeking out alternative forms of dispute resolution. Our attorneys can help with these situations and give you objective advice.

Land disputes are known to adversely impact social and economic activities. These include economic hardship, lower living standards, food scarcity, poverty, and health problems.

If you have additional questions, please contact us in Seattle at 206-621-1110.

Contact Our Land Use Attorneys at Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess Today

Land use laws are confusing, with a maze of regulations. Land use disputes are when you need to speak with the land use lawyers at Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess. We have over 100 years of combined experience and will fight for you.

Our team of attorneys understands the law and knows what to do to create favorable outcomes for you. We have five-star reviews from our clients for our knowledge, professionalism, and experience. You work with an attorney who will listen to your situation and apply what you tell them to your case.

Contact Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess today at 206-621-1110 in Seattle and schedule your phone consultation. We will listen to what you say and let you know the best options.

Land use issues require the skills of an attorney who practices in these areas of the law. We work directly with these cases and will help you to get favorable outcomes. We use many different methods and tools to get you the desired results.

If you have a legal dispute regarding land use, zoning, easements, boundaries, or other similar property issues, please do not hesitate to contact the Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess team in Seattle for assistance as soon as possible.