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Seattle & Tacoma Prenuptial Agreement

Every newly married couple imagines growing old together in happiness. Sadly, though, this doesn’t always pan out. Even though you may not feel like broaching the subject of potential marital separation with your significant other, it might be important for you to consider protecting your assets, depending on your situation. Though it might sound a […]

Financial & Alder Abuse

The National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA) reports1 that financial abuse and exploitation is a rapidly increasing form of elder abuse in the United States. Financial elder abuse occurs anytime another individual wrongfully or fraudulently takes money or property from an elderly adult. Financial abusers can be strangers, caretakers, or even trusted family members or […]

WA State Child Custody laws

Child custody questions may arise out of divorces, paternity suits, or later issues if a parent’s capabilities are questioned or a parent wishes to modify an existing custody arrangement. Courts will make child custody decisions based on what is in the “best interest of the child.” What factors does a court consider? Washington law requires […]

Guardianship Disputes

When an adult becomes incapacitated, they may require another individual to make legal decisions for them. Guardians can handle personal, legal, and financial affairs, as well as making decisions for physical health and well-being. The court must approve a guardianship and the guardianship usually remains effective until the incapacitated person regains competency or passes away.  […]

Divorce Mediation Help

Seattle Divorce & Mediation Attorney How can a mediator help with my divorce? Ending your marriage is not as simple as just requesting that the court grant a divorce. There are many different issues that must be settled before a court will officially dissolve your marriage. These issues include how you will divide your property, […]