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By Thomas L. Dickson, Esq. We often hear the expression, “grandfather rights,” when someone’s property is not affected by a land use change while nearly everyone else’s is.In legal parlance,land use attorneys knowthe term is“Nonconforming Use,” defined as ause“existinglawfully before the rezone of the surrounding area and continues or is ‘grandfathered’after the rezone, provided the […]

By Thomas L. Dickson, Esq. Construction liens are an important part ofSeattlerealestate law and other high-growth areas of Western Washington. The lien, also calleda“mechanic’s lien,”representsa pre-judicial claim against title, and the owner of the land on whom the lien is recorded cannot sell the property or obtain a loan thereon untilthe lien is satisfied, removed,or […]

In response to the sub-prime mortgage crisis of the latter part of the last decade, the United States government instituted several programs to help homeowners and tightened regulatory controls on the mortgage industry. One the programs created was the Home Affordable Modification Program,1 often referred to as “HAMP.” The program encourages lenders to lower homeowners’ […]

Homeowners often face financial hardships that threaten their ability to make their mortgage payments on time. Because the family home constitutes the most significant asset for many households, the prospect of foreclosure can be an alarming possibility. Fortunately, a range of options including loan modification programs provide viable options that have enabled many people to […]

While the real estate market has turned around to some extent in Washington, the number of foreclosures in Tacoma continues to outpace other cities throughout the state. Approximately one in every 685 homes was subject to a foreclosure notice in November 2015, according to data from Since many foreclosed residential properties are occupied by […]