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Mediation in Environmental Claims

If you believe you need to bring an environmental claim against another party or if you are facing an environmental claim, it is important to have Tacoma environmental law lawyers handling your case who will explore different alternative dispute resolution1 options whenever possible. One option that can save you time, money and energy is mediation. The following are only some of the many benefits of mediation in an environmental case.

Mutually beneficial solutionsIn a trial, generally one party “wins” and the other party “loses.” However, in mediation, the parties can agree to a solution that is acceptable for both of them. Mediation sessions can result in more complex resolutions that involve compromise and are not simply in favor of one party over another.

Lower costsDue to the often complex issues at hand and the extensive amount of evidence involved, taking an environmental case to trial can be extremely costly. By attempting mediation, you can potentially resolve the matter without the overwhelming attorney’s fees that can add up over the course of the lengthy litigation process.

Mediator may have more knowledge of environmental matters When you take an environmental case to trial, it does not go before a special judge and/or jury that has particular knowledge of the environmental issue at hand. Instead, the burden is on the parties to fully explain and provide evidence to support the environmental issues and laws2 involved in the case. These issues can be complicated and it is necessary for the jury to understand them in order to make a decision in the case. Simply getting them to a basic level of understanding of the particular issue in a case can take time, energy and money—and that is before you even begin your arguments about the specific allegations. In environmental mediation, it is possible to seek out a mediator who has knowledge of environmental issues, so you save the time and cost of educating them before they can facilitate a resolution.

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