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Legal Claims for Hazardous Waste Disposal

Legal Claims for Hazardous Waste DisposalMany companies produce waste as part of their operations and much of this waste is potentially hazardous to your health. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports1 that companies produce an estimated 40 million tons of hazardous waste in the United States on an annual basis. This waste can cause illness, birth defects, and other serious medical issues if it gets into the water supply or seeps onto your land. For this reason, the EPA has strict hazardous waste disposal requirements2 to protect the health of those in the area.

Unfortunately, not every company complies with the regulations regarding waste disposal because proper waste disposal methods may be more costly than unlawful methods. These companies not only violate the law but often cause injury to those who live and work around the disposal area. The following are examples of hazardous waste that may cause injury:

  • Medical waste including human tissue, used bandages, dirty needles;
  • Liquid waste including gas byproducts or used oil;
  • Radioactive waste from healthcare companies or nuclear power plants;
  • Mineral waste such as acids, sulfides, or metals.

If a company is improperly disposing of any of these types of waste, you may need to file a legal claim to not only get them to stop but also to recover for the losses you have already experienced due to the violation of environmental laws.

An experienced Tacoma environmental law lawyer can help you.

Claims involving hazardous waste disposal can be very contentious as companies do not want to admit liability, lose money, or change their current waste disposal practices. It is imperative to have a skilled Tacoma environmental law lawyer representing your interests so that you can prevail in your claim, obtain compensation for any losses you sustained, and be free of future injuries caused by improper hazardous waste disposal. At the Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess, we have a thorough understanding of all relevant environmental laws and know how to best apply these laws to protect your rights, health, and safety. Please call our office for a consultation at 253-572-1000 today.