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How Do I Create an LLC in Washington State?

Creating a LLCWashington State is an attractive place to do business, which is why so many are starting up. According to the SBA, 657,529 small businesses employ 1.4 million people. They like the business-friendly environment in Washington and how our region is strategically located.

Starting or changing your formation requires considering what entity will benefit you most. A limited liability company (LLC) is one of the most popular choices, offering added flexibility. Setting up an LLC entails following specific steps that give you the most benefits from it.

Selecting a Name

The first step is to create a unique name that stands out. The names should include some variation of a limited liability company or LLC. It should not be similar to names used by other LLCs in Washington. A skilled attorney can help you through this process by checking availability and advising you about the name.

Appoint a Registered Agent

All LLCs in Washington are required to have a registered agent. These are a person or entity responsible for receiving official notices and legal documents on behalf of the business. The registered agent should have a physical legal address in Washington. You have the option of serving as the agent or hiring a professional.

File the Paperwork

To become an LLC, you must file the articles of organization with the Secretary of State. These articles give basic information about your business, including the name, address, and registered agent’s name.

Set Up an Operating Agreement

We recommend creating an operating agreement that outlines the structure and operating procedures. It will clarify the roles and responsibilities and avoid all confusion. Your lawyer can help you draft all the necessary paperwork to offer the maximum legal protection.

Obtain Your EIN

Your employer identification number (EIN) is required to hire employees. We work to help you set up and obtain your EIN.


You must register your business with the local entities to pay taxes. These include the local tax office and the Washington Department of Revenue.

You must also obtain the necessary permits, licenses, and insurance to operate legally. These requirements will vary depending on the community and industry. Your attorney will guide you to ensure your business complies with all legal obligations.

Annual Filings

To maintain the maximum legal protections of an LLC, you must ensure that you meet all yearly reporting requirements. You want to pay your taxes on time and follow all local and state laws. Our team works with you to ensure that all these filings and taxes are current to maintain your LLC.

Legal and Financial Guidance

Forming an LLC is complex, and we can help you to avoid making costly mistakes. You work with an attorney who has decades of experience with various-sized businesses. We will guide you to ensure your LLC gives you the maximum benefits.

LLCs are an excellent way of having the same protections as corporations with the flexibility you require. These steps ensure you are fully compliant and receive the most protection.

The attorneys at Dickson Frohlich Phillips & Burgess can help you to form and maintain your LLC. Contact us at Seattle – (206) 621-1110 / Tacoma – (253) 572-1000 / Olympia (360) 742-3500 to schedule your consultation with a skilled attorney.

What is an LLC?

An LLC is one of many legal entities that can own and operate a Washington State business. Dickson Frohlich Phillips & Burgess can help you decide if an LLC is your best choice, given your priorities and the nature of your business.

  • You have liability protection like a corporation, but an LLC is easier and less expensive to form and run.
  • It can own and run just about any business.
  • There can be one or multiple owners.
  • LLCs are often used by investors in residential rental or commercial property.

Before filing the form with the Washington Secretary of State’s office, you must follow the state’s Uniform Business Organizations Code. You should also complete some additional steps to protect yourself from unnecessary liability.

Why Choose Us?

Setting up a business is complex and requires understanding of how local and state laws apply to your business. Your attorney will help you to establish and create an LLC that offers the maximum legal protection and benefits.

We have decades of experience establishing and working with various LLCs. Our team will help you with everything from forming your entity to maintaining all the necessary paperwork. We ensure that everything you do is legally compliant.

Our track record speaks for itself, with the favorable reviews we receive from our clients for our knowledge, experience, and skill. Your attorney listens to what you have to say and cares about your success. We work with you to create an LLC that helps you maximize your growth and opportunities from your business.

The type of entity you create determines your success and reduces possible risks. Our team ensures that your LLC gives you everything you want so you can focus on running your business. You will know that our skilled team of attorneys covers all contingencies. We have decades of experience working with large and small businesses and will help to guide you.

Your attorney takes a practical legal approach and is interested in finding the most effective solutions. We will create a custom strategy for starting and maintaining your LLC to get the maximum benefits.

To obtain tax advantages, LLC technical requirements must be met. Setting up your business correctly can save you significant money in the long run. Our experienced business attorneys in Tacoma, Seattle, and Olympia can help you decide whether an LLC is your best choice, navigate regulatory requirements, and keep up with required filings.

These vary depending on the industry and community where you will operate your business. Your attorney will help to guide you to ensure you get the maximum legal protection. Now is the time to start and get the help you need from a skilled attorney. Our team will review and guide you to ensure everything is legally compliant so you can reap the benefits of having an LLC.

If you are starting a business or you already own one and need legal assistance, the business lawyers of Dickson Frohlich Phillips & Burgess are here to help. Please call us at  206-429-4418 (Seattle), 253-358-8473 (Tacoma), 360-742-3500 (Olympia), 971-416-0881 (Portland) for a consultation, or set up an appointment using our online contact form today. We will guide you to get the maximum protection using our knowledge, experience, and skills.


If you file by mail, getting an LLC in Washington State takes about two to three weeks. Filing online normally takes two to three business days.


The cost of starting an LLC in Washington State involves several fees. The Certificate of Formation is $180. The Business License Application cost varies, and the City Endorsement may cost $50. The Annual Report will be $71 plus the cost of the City Endorsement renewal. If you hire a Commercial Registered Agent, that may be about $125 per year.