Information Regarding Washington Foreclosure Laws

Under the Revised Code of Washington, there are two different types of foreclosures practiced in Washington; Nonjudicial foreclosures—the most common kind—are governed by the Revised Code Washington Sections 61.24.020 through This type of foreclosure does not require supervision of the courts to complete. Judicial foreclosures, on the other hand, do take place in the civil court system with guidelines and requirements set out in Revised Code of Washington Sections 61.12.040 to

Notice Requirements

For a foreclosure to be valid, the mortgage lender must provide a number of notices to the homeowner. These notices are as follows:

  • The first notice must occur prior to the beginning of a foreclosure process, notifying the borrower that they have the opportunity to discuss other alternative options that may help them become current on their mortgage and avoid foreclosure.
  • The lender must then provide a notice that the borrower has defaulted on the property, signaling the beginning of the foreclosure.
  • About 30 days later, the lender can record a notice of sale and must mail a copy to the homeowner. This must happen either 90 or 120 days before the foreclosure sale takes place (depending on the circumstances.

Under the law, a homeowner has the right reinstate the mortgage loan before the sale takes place or to redeem the property within a certain time frame after the sale happens. If this does not occur, the owner must vacate the premises within 20 days of the sale.

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