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What is being proved by the process of probate?

The probate process is the process where your beneficiaries and executor have to prove that your will is valid.  During the probate process, a court considers the many legal aspects of the will, including if it was legally created.


Specifically, what is being proved is that:

  1. The Will
    1. Was signed by its maker (its “Testator” (male) or “Testatrix” (female)), and
    2. Is the most current Will of the Testator/trix (ie, it has not been revoked).
  2. The Testator/trix was legally competent to make a Will:
    1. A person
    2. Of sound mind (ie, having “testamentary capacity” and lacking “insane delusions”)
    3. Who has attained the age of 18 years.
  3. The Will was made under lawful circumstances:
    1. Witnessed by at least two competent witnesses who subscribed their names to the Will while in the presence of the Testator/trix at his/her request, and
    2. Not made by mistake, restraint (duress), fraud, undue influence, or forgery.