What is the cost of probate?

Unlike other states such as California, Washington state law does not provide for the amount of commission or fees to be based on the value of the estate.

While the cost of probate in Washington can vary depending on the size and nature of the estate, we have provided information below regarding fixed costs that you can anticipate when engaged in the probate process.  All fees are approximate.

Fixed costs:

·         Superior Court filing fee: $200.

·         Publication of Probate Notice to Creditors: $100

·         Out of pocket expenses (copying, mailing, etc.):  $50.

·         Total fixed costs = $350 or more (depends on the county of publication).

Potential costs (commissions and fees):

·         Personal Representative’s commissions: This fee may be waived if performed by an Heir or Beneficiary.

·         Attorney’s fees:  While a lawyer may not be required during the probate process, consulting with one may be necessary if the estate is particularly complex

·         Appraiser’s fees: Hiring an appraiser may necessary depending on the nature of the estate.

·         Accountant’s fees:  Hiring an accountant may be necessary depending on the nature and complexity of the estate.

In sum, an individual engaged in the probate process can anticipate spending a minimum of $350 in fixed costs plus commissions and fees, which in Washington are generally based on hours worked and must be approved by the Court.  RCW 11.48.210