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4 Common Mistakes Made by Residential Landlords

People who own residential property that they rent out to others have certain duties to their tenants imposed by law. In many cases, landlords can make mistakes that can result in problem tenants or legal liability for failing to meet these legal duties. Four of the more common mistakes made by residential landlords are detailed below. For specific advice regarding your situation, call our office today to speak with an attorney familiar with landlord-tenant law.1

Failing to thoroughly understand their tenant’s financial situation

One of the most important things a landlord can do is make sure that their tenants are able to afford the rent. In many cases, landlords have mortgage payments on the properties that they rent out, so failing to collect rent can place a significant strain on their finances. By verifying a tenant’s income and credit history, landlords can take steps to ensure that they are renting to tenants who will be able to afford to make their rent payments.

Failing to fix issues in a timely manner

Landlords are required to keep the properties they rent out in a habitable condition. When they fail to fix issues in a timely manner, landlords expose themselves to legal liability and such failures may even justify a tenant’s early termination of their lease agreement.

Failing to have an attorney thoroughly review their lease

A residential lease is the contract into which a landlord and tenant enter, and the agreement should address important issues such as when the rent is due, the amount of the rent, whether pets are allowed, expectations of conduct from the tenant, and whether the lease is assignable. Failure to have an attorney review your lease can result in critical omissions or unclear terms that could be the basis for a costly dispute down the road.

Contact a Tacoma eviction lawyer today to discuss your legal options

Landlords and tenants that involved in disputes regarding their agreement may be able to obtain relief through the legal system. The lawyers of the Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess are dedicated to representing to representing the legal rights of both landlords and tenants and work to find solutions that meet their clients’ immediate needs. For a free 15minute phone consultation with a Tacoma eviction lawyer, call our office today at 253-572-1000 or send us an email at