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Welcome to the Construction Law Department of Dickson Law Group PS, Attorneys at Law. Whether you are a property owner, builder, contractor, or engineer, you put a lot on the line in order to see success. Our role is to protect and defend your interests before, during, and after any construction project.

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What parties can you represent in Construction Law Matters?

We can represent any party: builders, general contractors, sub-contractors, home owners, commercial property owners, material suppliers, engineers, etc.

What kind of Construction Law matters can you help me with?

  • General Contractor Disputes
  • Subcontractor Disputes
  • Construction Payment Disputes
  • Forming a Construction Company in Washington State
  • Environmental Disputes
  • Design Defects Disputes
  • Construction Contracts
  • Construction Business Contracts
  • Construction Litigation
  • Enforcing collections
  • Lien claims
  • Claims Against a Bond
  • Construction Dispute Resolution
  • Contractor Negligence Disputes
  • Other Construction Related Matters

Seattle and Tacoma Construction Law Attorney

Construction Law

Construction law is the body of law that deals with legal issues and matters surrounding the construction industry. Construction law primarily affects the interactions between contractors, subcontractors, owners, developers, design professionals, suppliers, construction workers, and construction customers. While construction law affects a broad array of groups, construction law also covers a broad range of legal issues and claims.

In most construction interactions, construction contracts and projects go as planned and the parties are satisfied with the exchange. Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case. Sometimes things do not go as planned or do not turn out as expected or as contracted for. For example, a contractor may fail to perform under the contract or a customer may refuse to cooperate or provide payment when performance is due. In such circumstances, oftentimes the only option is to invoke the legal system for assistance.

Construction Law Practice

Construction projects, regardless of their size, generally require legal advice to avoid problems both before and after commencement of construction. At Dickson Law Group, our attorneys assist clients in all phases of the construction process. Our construction law attorneys have vast experience in the full range of legal services required by the diverse group of participants within the construction industry; and our attorneys represent contractors, subcontractors, construction workers, developers, material suppliers, engineers, architects, owners, and customers.

Our attorneys make it a special point to be informed of the latest developments of construction law. Whether you need assistance with drafting, preparing, or reviewing contracts, need advice on project development issues, delay claims, bid protests, construction defects, environmental issues, or product liability, or need guidance on land use matters, our attorneys are fully prepared to assist you.

Legal Subjects Common to Construction Law

The following is a non-exhaustive collection of legal subjects that commonly arise in construction law and that many of our clients are involved with. Please click on each link below to read about each subject in further detail.

Construction Defects


Government Audits


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