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Seattle and Tacoma Condemnation Attorneys

Protecting your rights in condemnation cases

Many property and business owners find themselves facing condemnation of their property when they least expect it. When the government decides to exercise its Fifth Amendment1 right to claim your property, chances are you have many questions regarding your legal rights in the condemnation action. At the Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess, our experienced condemnation attorneys represent the interests of landowners in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington facing an imminent taking of their property.

Defending against condemnation claims

Though the Constitution allows the government to take land for its own use, the law sets out certain requirements for when condemnation of property is allowed. For example:

  • The purpose for taking the property must be for public use
  • The government can only take the property necessary to complete the project

Though defending against condemnation can be challenging, an experienced attorney can identify whether you have any applicable legal defenses to prevent the taking or limit the amount of property claimed.

Ensuring you receive just compensation for your property

The Fifth Amendment further requires that landowners receive “just compensation”2 for any land claimed by the government. If you are facing condemnation, the government entity in question will make you an initial offer for compensation. In the large majority of cases, this offer is extremely inadequate and does not take into consideration the full value of your property.

Just compensation is determined based on the fair market value of your property and government appraisers often fail to account for all of the relevant losses you may suffer by losing your property. Our experienced condemnation lawyers can have an independent appraiser determine the full value of your property by thoroughly analyzing the past, present, and future value of the property and the effects of the eminent domain action. We will then use the appraisal to negotiate the full value of just compensation for you.

Discuss your case with an experienced condemnation attorney today

The condemnation process is complicated and many property owners do not know how to adequately stand up for their rights. Call the skilled condemnation lawyers at the Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess at 206-621-1110 (Seattle), 253-572-1000 (Tacoma), 360-742-3500 (Olympia), 971-416-0881 (Portland) for a consultation today.


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