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Seattle and Tacoma Local Municipal Legal Dispute Attorneys

Standing up for your rights to government entities

You should be able to expect that the officials of your local government and municipality are looking out for your best interests. While this is often true, many people find themselves in real estate disputes with their local government. These disputes may involve your business or your family home—either way, these properties likely hold much financial and emotional value for you and you do not want them threatened by the local government.

Fortunately, the attorneys at the Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess in Seattle and Tacoma are here to help you with legal real estate disputes against the government.

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Common disputes with municipalities

Some of the most common real estate disputes that arise with local government entities include the following:

If your local government entity is trying to infringe on your right to use the property you own as you wish due to land use or zoning claims, you are able to fight for your rights through legal action. Some government officials may be over-zealous and may interpret regulations in a wrongful manner, so you should always consult with an attorney familiar with land use and zoning laws to fully realize your rights.

Furthermore, should the government try to take your property under an eminent domain claim, an attorney can ensure that all proper procedural requirements were met and that you are receiving proper compensation if you do lose your property.

Call a Seattle or Tacoma municipal dispute attorney for help today

If you have run into a dispute with your local government or municipality, you always want to ensure that your lawyer is familiar with the possible complexities of cases involving government entities. At the Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess, our skilled team of attorneys has extensive experience handling all types of real estate disputes, including those against local government entities.

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