real estate law seattleReal estate is a local matter. Whether you need help resolving a boundary dispute, resolving a short sale, or establishing a home owners association, you need a law firm experienced in the intricacies of the Seattle market to help you. With decades of combined experience serving real estate clients in Seattle and Tacoma, the attorneys of Dickson Frohlich are here to assist you with all of your Northwest real estate law needs, large and small.

Seattle Real Estate Law Services

  •  Commercial Tenancies:  Commercial leases are not standardized. Whether you are a commercial tenant or Seattle property owner, Dickson Frohlich can assist you with lease disputes, negotiations, and drafting an agreement that will encourage a long and happy landlord tenant relationship.
  • Boundary Disputes and Easements: Property boundary lines are not always as they appear. If you and your neighbor are having a dispute over a property line, you need the assistance of a local law firm to protect your rights.
  •  Short Sale Assistance: If you need to sell or purchase a Seattle property for less than the amount owed on the current mortgage, you need the assistance of an experienced real estate law firm to help you complete the transaction fairly and legally. Banks will often settle for less than the value of a loan, rather than foreclose. If you are facing foreclosure, call Dickson Frohlich today to discuss this option.
  • Loan Modifications: Before you slip completely under water in your home loan payments, call Dickson law group to find out how we can aggressively negotiate with your bank and help you modify the terms of your loan.
  •  Foreclosures: We are Seattle foreclosure experts. We understand the rights and obligations of both sides in a foreclosure proceeding and work to ensure that our clients are treated justly. Whether you are a borrower facing foreclosure, or a lender preparing to initiate a foreclosure proceeding, Dickson Frohlich is here to assist you.
  • Quiet title actions, real estate commission disputes, condo conversions, evictions, lien claims, title insurance disputes, and more. Whatever your Seattle real estate law needs, Dickson Frohlich can help.

Real estate transactions are costly. Don’t risk a valuable investment by going it alone or hiring an inexperienced attorney. Protect your property rights by calling a reputable Seattle real estate firm today. If you are looking for a trustworthy, affordable real estate law firm, call now for a no-cost, no-obligation 15 minute consultation.

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