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Seattle and Tacoma Wills, Trusts, and Estates Attorneys

Welcome to the Wills, Trusts, and Estates Department of Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess, Attorneys at Law. Your property represents years of hard work and ingenuity; it is only fitting that it be handled with equity and respect.

CALL FOR A PHONE CONSULTATION at 206-621-1110 (Seattle), 253-572-1000 (Tacoma), 360-742-3500 (Olympia), 971-416-0881 (Portland).

What kind of Estate/Trust/Wills/Probate Matters can you help me with?

  • Probate or Estate Disputes if you have been cheated out of inheritance by a caretaker or sibling or other relative
  • Washington Estate Litigation or other Estate Disputes
  • Will Creation
  • Will Contests
  • Probate Administration
  • Estate Planning
  • Creation of Trusts and Trust Administration
  • Guardianship Litigation
  • Creation of Guardianships for Elderly Parents or Other Relatives
  • Counsel Regarding Lack of Capacity
  • Health Care Power of Attorney
  • Living Wills
  • General Durable Power of Attorney
  • Family Trusts
  • Living Trusts
  • Asset Protection & Business Planning

Estate Attorney Seattle

Trusts and estates law is the body of law that governs the management and administration of an individual’s personal assets and property both during the individual’s lifetime and after the individual’s death. Through wills, trusts, and other effective estate planning tools, an individual can not only plan for the distribution of assets and property during life and after death, but also plan for other contingencies that may arise, such as who will manage the individual’s property and affairs in the event that the individual becomes incapacitated, or who will make certain predetermined healthcare decisions on behalf of the individual in the event that the individual becomes unable to do so for him or herself. As one can imagine, having an effective estate plan is extremely important and not only benefits the individual, but also benefits the individual’s family and friends.

Trusts and Estates Law Practice

At Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess, our estate planning attorneys are well qualified to counsel our clients on the distribution of their property and assets, both now and in the future. Whether you are considering executing a will, creating a trust, setting up durable powers of attorney, or attempting to lessen the tax liability of your estate in the future, our attorneys have the skill and expertise required to represent you. Because planning for both the foreseeable and the unforeseeable can be a daunting task, our attorneys will help you navigate the complexities of estate planning and will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to craft an effective and efficient estate plan.

Common Subjects and Issues in Trusts and Estates Law

Below is a non-exhaustive collection of subjects and issues that are common within trusts and estates law. Please click on each link below to read about each subject in detail.