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Seattle & Tacoma Quiet Title Attorneys

A real property ownership dispute can lead to a quiet title lawsuit; an attempt to “quiet” the title to a property, or establish a party’s legal ownership. Whether you are disputing someone else’s ownership, or someone is disputing your ownership of real property, quiet title actions require proper legal representation. Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess will put their 100 plus years of legal experience to work for you, to ensure that your property rights are fully protected.

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Quiet Title Dispute: Legal Considerations

Quiet Titles Law

  • The plaintiff in a quiet title dispute MUST prove that he or she has rightful title to the property and that this title is superior to claims of all others who may hold an interest in the property. If you are the plaintiff, the burden of proof rests with you, and your legal counsel.
  • If you have purchased property as the result of a governmental tax foreclosure, protect your investment by consulting with a lawyer. In some cases, a quiet title action is required in order to obtain an insurable title for the property.
  • Once property ownership has been determined without a doubt, the title must be properly recorded with the court. Your legal representative will ensure that the proper language is included in this recording, providing clarity for the future transfer, sale, conveyance or occupancy of the property.

Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess: With You Every Step of the Way

When you hire Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess for your quiet title action, you can rest assured that your case will be handled by real estate law experts . Our experienced professionals will examine your title documentation, so that you can feel confident in your property ownership from the start. We can help you determine if you have the required proof you need to present a case to the court, or if a quiet title action is even necessary in your particular situation.

Facing a courtroom procedure can be an intimidating process, no matter what the case. Resolving a quiet title dispute is no different. Having experienced legal representation by your side during a court hearing can make a difference in how your case is presented, and the ease with which it is determined. The attorneys of Dickson Frohlich Phillips Burgess provide not only expert legal advice, but also moral support that you may need in a courtroom setting and throughout the complete litigation process.

When the hearing is over there is only one thing left to do – file and record the documents. We will make sure that all document filings are done in accordance with the law, leaving no question as to your rightful title and ownership of your property.

Real estate is a major investment. Protect your property interests by calling an experienced real estate litigation firm at 206-621-1110 (Seattle), 253-572-1000 (Tacoma), 360-742-3500 (Olympia), 971-416-0881 (Portland) today.