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Seattle and Tacoma Child Visitation Attorneys

Helping ensure that parents have access to their children

The breakdown of a romantic relationship is always difficult, and this is particularly true when there are children involved. As a parent, your relationship with your child or children is likely among the most important in your life. Washington State’s laws recognize this fact and confer significant parental rights for both parents who are unable to stay together for various reasons. Our state’s child custody and visitation laws can be very complicated, so it is important for parents who are concerned about their access to their children retain legal counsel as soon as they recognize that a dispute may occur.

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Washington “parenting plans” determine your rights

In Washington, the governing principle behind child custody determinations is the “best interests of the child.” The law does not refer to “custody,” but rather apportions rights and responsibilities between both parents. In some cases, children will spend a majority of their time with one parent; in others, parents split the time spent with the children equally. In other cases, a court may order that visitations between a parent and the children are supervised, particularly where there are issues related to physical or substance abuse.

Parents who are separating or divorcing submit a proposed parenting plan that makes arrangements for the children’s living situation, the decision-making authority of the parents, the way any disputes between the parents may be settled, as well as any visitation rights a parent may have. A court may grant a particular parenting plan or may modify it as it sees fit. Again, the principle guiding the court’s determination regarding a parenting plan is whether it is in the best interests of the child.

For parents who wish to establish significant visitation rights with their children, the assistance of an attorney can be invaluable. Generally, visitation rights will only be jeopardized in the event that a court has serious concerns regarding a parent’s mental or emotional fitness to parent. In such cases, an experienced attorney can often present evidence in support of a parent’s character and may also be able to advise a parent as to a course of action to take to improve his or her chances of obtaining visitation rights.

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Anyone who is concerned about child visitation rights in Washington should consult with an experienced child visitation lawyer as soon as possible.

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