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Taking out a mortgage is essential for the large majority of American homeowners. Mortgages allow individuals and families to own their own property, which is generally the biggest asset they have. For this reason, a significant amount is at stake if anything legal issues arise regarding a mortgage. At the Dickson Frohlich in Seattle and Tacoma, our experienced real estate attorneys are committed to helping homeowners find solutions for their mortgage-related legal disputes.


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Mortgage Issues Homeowners may Face

The following are some of the legal issues with which American homeowners may need assistance:

Foreclosure—This is perhaps the most common legal matter related to mortgages that arise in the state of Washington and throughout the United States.  Fortunately, if you are facing a possible foreclosure due to falling behind on your mortgage, both federal and state laws give you some options to try to keep your home. There are many ways to negotiate with mortgage lenders and resolve the issue without losing your home, including mediation, loan modification, and more. An experienced attorney can help you explore all possible options to overcome foreclosure proceedings.

Foreclosure scams—With the rise in foreclosures in recent years, the potential for foreclosure scams has also, unfortunately, uncreased. Scammers offer to rescue desperate homeowners from foreclosure by offering options that may seem too good to be true and often result in the homeowner losing their property or falling much farther into default. If anyone offers a scheme to “rescue” you from foreclosure, always discuss it with an experienced lawyer before you agree to anything.

Predatory lending—Predatory lending occurs when mortgage lending uses deceptive or fraudulent tactics to impose abusive and unfair repayment terms on mortgage borrowers. If you have been unknowingly subjected to unfair loan terms that make it impossible for you to pay your mortgage, an attorney can help you hold that predatory lender accountable and help you gain control of your payments.

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If you have any legal concerns regarding your mortgage, you do not want to risk losing your home because you did not have quality representation by an experienced mortgage attorney.

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