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Experienced Immigration Attorneys in Seattle

Immigration matters can be extremely sensitive and can have substantial consequences if not handled properly. With more than 40 years of combined legal experience, the attorneys of the Dickson Frohlich have the knowledge and skill to assist clients with matters involving many different areas of immigration law.


Assisting with a wide range of immigration matters

At the Dickson Frohlich, we are committed to helping any business or individual navigate the complicated immigration system. Whether you are seeking to employ an immigrant or you are an immigrant yourself, there are numerous laws and requirements with which you must comply and you should not hesitate to call an immigration lawyer at the Dickson Frohlich for assistance.

For Employers & Businesses

If you are a business hiring foreigners, immigrants, or non-U.S. Citizens, it is important to have qualified legal counseling to ensure the hiring process is conducted properly.

A business seeking to invest in the U.S. can be granted the rights and privileges to legally remain in the country by obtaining a business investor visa. While the business visa application is quite complicated, the immigration lawyers at the Dickson Frohlich can assist you in thoroughly and accurately completing your application to ensure success.

If you fail to correctly verify immigration status, obtain the necessary permits or visas, or complete the required paperwork, you may be facing serious penalties from the U.S. government. We routinely assist employers with the following matters and more:

    • Employment visas, including H1B, H2A, H2B, L visas, O visas, and P visas – These visas allow an employee to live in the United States based on their employment. The type of visa you will need depends on the nature of work you perform and your qualifications and a qualified attorney can identify which visa is appropriate for your situation.
    • Labor Certification – The most common way to hire a foreign worker and ensure they can lawfully remain in the U.S. is to complete a Labor Certification Application and submit it to the Department of Labor (DOL) for approval. An experienced attorney can assist you in thoroughly and accurately completing these applications so you meet all of the requirements and obtain a green card from USCIS for your employee.
    • I-9 Audits – An I-9 audit can be stressful, whether or not you have all of the required I-9 documentation on file. Our immigration lawyers can help you prepare for these audits and can represent your company throughout the audit proceedings.

For Individuals

Whether you are seeking to adjust your immigration status, apply for citizenship, or take any other immigration-related steps, the Seattle & Tacoma lawyers at the Dickson Frohlich can assist you. Some of the immigration matters we assist with include:

  • Obtaining a green card
  • Employment visas, including H1B, H2A, H2B, L visas, O visas, and P visas
  • Becoming a U.S. citizen
  • Emigrating temporarily or permanently
  • Sponsoring a family member

There are various methods to obtain legal status in the U.S. and the skilled immigration attorneys at the Dickson Frohlich will help you navigate the immigration process and complete the various applications that best suit your needs and goals. Call our office in Seattle or Tacoma to find out how we can help you today.

For Businesses

Providing reliable assistance in difficult times

Removal and Deportation Defense
Being detained and facing removal or deportation from the U.S. can be a frightening experience, especially if your family resides in the U.S. Dickson Frohlich will evaluate your case, build an aggressive deportation defense, and represent you in front of the immigration Judge. We will determine the best course of action for your individual case and, if you qualify, assist you with your cancellation of removal or deportation proceedings. If you are facing removal or deportation, it is imperative that you call our office as soon as possible to find out how we can help you.

Seeking Asylum
There are situations in which you may find yourself seeking refuge or asylum in the U.S. due to danger or persecution in your home country. Rest assured that your situation will be taken seriously by Dickson Frohlich as we strive to help our clients obtain the highest possible chance of finding relief from danger or persecution in their home country. Call us today to ensure your freedom and safety.

If you are facing any type of immigration law matter, discuss your case with an experienced Seattle & Tacoma immigration attorney as soon as possible.

At the Dickson Frohlich, our qualified immigration lawyers take every immigration-related matter seriously. We understand the importance of complying with all immigration laws and providing the highest quality of representation for both individuals and businesses in government actions.

If you need assistance with any type of immigration issue, please call for a free consultation at 206-621-1110 in Seattle or 253-572-1000 in Tacoma today.