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Are you experiencing a boundary line dispute with your neighbors? You need a law firm on your side that understands the intricacies of real estate law, and how it can benefit your claim. Dickson Frohlich has over 100 years of combined experience in all areas of real estate law, including property and boundary line disputes.

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Hire An Experienced Boundary Line Dispute Law Firm

Property boundary line disputes can be a disruptive and aggravating challenge for business and residential property owners alike. Often, the physical boundaries that are used over the years will differ from the actual legal property description and boundaries. Changing terrain as well as changes in property ownership can obscure true property lines and cause disagreements. To settle a property line dispute fairly, property owners should enlist the help of an experienced real estate law firm that will fight for their legal rights.

Property Line Disputes: Common Issues

boundary line dispute

  • Determining legal boundaries, versus what has been routinely used and observed
  • Structures (such as fences) or vegetation over-stepping property lines
  • Changing legal property descriptions to match current use

Often, adjoining property owners may be able to agree on changes to legal descriptions, to match the actually observed boundaries. In other cases, neighbors may not be so amicable. When an agreement cannot be reached, boundary line changes can sometimes be forced through adverse possession. Adverse possession is the process by which legal title to a property or portion of a property can change due to open and continuous use by another party. In Washington State, adverse possession requires uninterrupted, open use for a period of at least 10 years. An experienced real estate attorney can help you determine if your case meets the elements of an adverse possession claim.

At Dickson Frohlich, our decades of experience resolving property line disputes will help us use the law to build a case that will protect your property rights. Whether you would like to change your legal property description to match current use, or you would like to prevent an adjoining property owner from encroaching on your property unlawfully, we have the expertise to defend your rights.

From property boundary line disputes to almost any other real estate legal issues, you can trust Dickson Frohlich to defend your rights within the law. We have been trusted by Western Washington residents for almost fifty years to provide the best in legal advice and defense.

Are You Having A Dispute With Your Neighbors Regarding Property Lines?

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