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A “lien” is a legal claim that another party makes against your property to attempt to secure a debt payment. A lien will cause your real estate to then act as collateral against the debt in question and creditors may use your property in the future as a source for payment if the debt is not fulfilled. While some liens are legitimate, some are invalid for various reasons and you should never be subject to wrongful liens.

Liens can have a significant effect on your property ownership, so you should always consult with an experienced lien claims attorney to determine your options for handling a property lien.


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Common types of liens

In some cases, you accept a lien on your real estate voluntarily. The most common examples of consensual liens are a mortgage or a construction lien, which makes your property collateral for any work a company completes on your land. However, some liens are involuntary and may even exist without your immediate knowledge. Such involuntary liens may be created by:

  • Creditors for judgments received due to unpaid debts
  • The government for unpaid property taxes
  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)1 for back taxes
  • Your child’s parent due to unpaid child support

Such parties must go through a specific procedure in order to create a lien, and an attorney can identify whether or not a lien is valid.

The effects of property liens

Liens are a concern for property owners because they will be likely unable to sell property unless the debt is paid and the lien is cleared. Buyers of real estate will want a clear title and generally will not be able to secure financing until the lien is removed.

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An attorney with experience handling lien cases will know how to challenge a lien or negotiate with creditors for a lower settlement or payment arrangement. At the Dickson Frohlich, we know how to assist property owners with their lien claims in a variety of ways.