28 01, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Residential Leases

Many individuals purchase residential real estate as a long-term investment. Others rent property as a temporary housing solution or simply to avoid the costs associated with ownership. When this occurs both landlords and tenants enter into a contract1 known as a residential lease. Below are some answers to a few of the most frequently asked […]

15 01, 2016

Information Regarding Washington Foreclosure Laws

Under the Revised Code of Washington, there are two different types of foreclosures practiced in Washington; Nonjudicial foreclosures—the most common kind—are governed by the Revised Code Washington Sections 61.24.020 through This type of foreclosure does not require supervision of the courts to complete. Judicial foreclosures, on the other hand, do take place in the […]

14 01, 2016

4 Common Mistakes Made by Residential Landlords

People who own residential property that they rent out to others have certain duties to their tenants imposed by law. In many cases, landlords can make mistakes that can result in problem tenants or legal liability for failing to meet these legal duties. Four of the more common mistakes made by residential landlords are detailed […]

8 01, 2016

Will you be Evicted in the Event of a Foreclosure?

With so many properties being subject to foreclosure in the past few years, it is not surprising that many tenants have become concerned that their building might be foreclosed upon, leaving them without a home. While eviction of tenants used to be common practice in rental property foreclosures, in 2009, the Obama administration enacted the […]

30 10, 2015

Tenant Counterclaims in an Eviction

Many people believe that landlords have all of the power in a landlord-tenant relationship. After all, they have the title to building, have the power to approve or decline certain tenants, hand out the keys, and set out rules for the unit. However, the law does not exclusively protect landlords and provides tenants with protection […]

19 10, 2015

Is a Resurgence of The Foreclosure Crisis In Our Future?

Since 2008, over five million property owners in the United States have lost ownership of their homes due to the foreclosure crisis. Now, seven years after the initial burst of the housing bubble, many Americans believe that the crisis is over considering foreclosure rates have significantly dropped since 2014.1 However, in 2015, many homeowners are […]

9 10, 2015

What Is a Land Use Variance and Do I Need a Lawyer To Obtain One?

Most American municipalities, including Seattle and Tacoma, impose certain regulations on the way that land within their boundaries is utilized. Regulations designate land as residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed-use. Each designation imposes certain restrictions on the activities performed or types of structures that may be built on a particular parcel. Variances can allow for significant […]

24 08, 2015

What Is Self-Help Eviction?

When a landlord wants to evict a tenant for nonpayment of rent or violations of other terms of the lease agreements, it is understandable that the landlord wants the eviction to happen as quickly as possible so that they can find a new tenant and lose minimal rental income. However, as tempting as it may […]

17 08, 2015

Why You Should Hire an Attorney to Handle a Foreclosure Case

If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, you should discuss your options with an experienced Seattle mortgage attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help you find solutions to get you back on track or otherwise avoid foreclosure of the property. Additionally, if you are already facing foreclosure, you should immediately contact a […]

3 08, 2015

The Requirements of the Fair Housing Act

When you are selling or renting real estate, there are a variety of state and federal laws with which you must comply. One of the most important laws that applies to real estate transactions is the Fair Housing Act. Specifically, this law prohibits property owners from engaging in unlawful discrimination when dealing with prospective buyers […]