27 07, 2015

Defenses to Eviction in Washington State

Many people believe that landlords have all the power in an eviction case. However, tenants have certain legal defenses available to them depending on the circumstances of their situation. The following are examples of tenant defenses. An experienced Tacoma eviction lawyer can tell you which ones may apply in your case. Landlord used “self-help” eviction means […]

20 07, 2015

Do I Need an Attorney for a Washington Mortgage Modification?

Many people who experience financial difficulties seek to modify the original terms of their mortgage agreement. Sometimes, a mortgage modification1 may be sought simply to lower a person’s monthly payments. At other times it may be necessary in order to allow a homeowner who is facing foreclosure to keep his or her home. There are […]

9 07, 2015

Do You Need Title Insurance?

When you purchase a piece of real estate, ownership transfers when the former owner hands over title to the property. Title means that you have the legal right to use and possess the property as you see fit. However, the title to a particular piece of land may not be “clean”, meaning that others may […]

19 03, 2015

Reviewing a Commercial Lease

A commercial lease sets out the legal terms of the agreement between a commercial property owner and the business owner that wishes to rent the property. Both parties have specific legal rights and responsibilities during the landlord-tenant relationship and you always want to ensure that your commercial lease covers all necessary issues fairly. Some leases […]

26 02, 2015

Ways To Avoid a Foreclosure

If you have received notice of a foreclosure action against you by your mortgage lender, you will likely feel an immediate fear of losing your home. A house is often an individual’s most valuable and valued asset and losing your home can cause many complications in the lives of you and your family. There are […]

12 02, 2015

Information Regarding Trespass To Real Property

The act of trespass and subsequent remedies for property owners are governed by both common law (decisions made by the courts) and by Washington state statutes. Trespass is a tort,1 which means it is a wrongful act that causes injury to another party and may lead to a lawsuit. Specifically, a trespasser generally wrongfully enters […]

13 01, 2015

Types of Deeds

The document that legally conveys an interest in real estate from one individual to another is referred to as a “deed.” Every state has specific laws and requirements for valid deeds and, if you are involved in a real estate transaction, you should always seek guidance of an experienced deed & real estate attorney in […]

23 12, 2014


What is an Easement?  An easement1 is the legal right for a non-owner to use or cross over another person’s land. The following are brief descriptions of the four main types of easements in Washington. Utility easements – This is the most common type of easement and is one that is given to a city […]

2 12, 2014

Should I Participate in the Foreclosure Mediation Program?

A few years ago, the Washington legislature passed the Foreclosure Fairness Act that, in turn, created the state foreclosure mediation program. This program provides certain options for homeowners who are facing the threat of an impending foreclosure and gives them a chance to try to keep their home. Though the law does allow these new […]

1 07, 2014

Foreclosure and Tax: What are the pitfalls?

A question recently arose when dealing with a client facing the loss of a distressed property: “how am I taxed if I should allow the property to go through the foreclosure process? Am I taxed on the balance of the loan that is not collected as a result of the foreclosure.” The short answer is […]